Which Assisted Living Arrangement is Ideal near Glencoe, MN- Roommate or Solo?

When planning on moving into assisted living, you’re going to be facing several choices. First of all, you’re going to want to choose an assisted living facility that is conveniently located for you. Maybe you want to remain close to friends. Maybe you’d prefer to live closer to some of your family members.Assisted Living Glencoe MN

Then you’ll want to make sure that the assisted living facilityyou choose has the right type of activities for you, ones that will keep you interested in doing things throughout the days. The type of menu that they offer will also be important to think about. You may not mind the cafeteria style setup, but you may want to make your own meals from time to time in your room. Some facilities allow this, others don’t.

Then, of course, you will need to determine whether you’d want to have a room all to yourself or if you wouldn’t mind sharing a room with someone else. There can be advantages and disadvantages to both of these situations.

First, the cost savings would be the most significant advantage to taking on a roommate. If funds are tight, you may find that this is the only affordable option for you. However, don’t just agree to this living arrangement based on money savings only, especially if you’re not going to be happy with the accommodations.

Second, you may have lived alone for a long time and you may wish to have someone in the room to talk to. You would certainly be able to go to common areas to carry on a conversation or two, but when you have a roommate, he or she will be able to communicate with you and, assuming that you get along well, could become a valued friend.

One disadvantage to having a roommate is that you or they may be set in their ways and that could make getting along a bit tougher. They may have issues with their sleep patterns or make noise when they are sleeping (ie. Snoring).

When you live in your own room in assisted living, you will be able to make it your own personal space, your own private sanctuary. You would be able to watch TV if you wanted without interruption or read a book without being distracted by other noise.

Most people choose to live in their own rooms, but when you have a choice, consider the option of taking on a roommate carefully. If you find that this living situation is not ideal for you, don’t worry, the facility should be able to accommodate you.

For more information about Assisted Living near Glencoe MN, consider the Birchwood House in Hutchinson, MN, and call our friendly staff at (320) 587-7737.

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