Which Assisted Living Arrangement is Ideal near Glencoe, MN- Roommate or Solo?

When planning on moving into assisted living, you’re going to be facing several choices. First of all, you’re going to want to choose an assisted living facility that is conveniently located for you. Maybe you want to remain close to friends. Maybe you’d prefer to live closer to some of your family members.

How to Know when Assisted Living near Glencoe MN is Needed!

For some people, the thought of moving into an assisted living community is something that they just don’t want to think about. They want to hang on to their independence and they may have a preconceived notion that assisted living is equated with giving all of that up, being an invalid, or just waiting around for the end of their life.

Bitter Cold and Assisted Living near Glencoe MN: Is Your Loved One’s Facility Prepared?

It’s been a long time since we have felt the extreme cold temperatures that moved through a vast portion of the country last week, and while we may not experience that Arctic polar vortex anytime soon, it highlighted an important consideration when it comes to elderly care and assisted living. Is the assisted living facility that your loved one resides in prepared for a long duration of brutally cold temperatures?

Assisted Living in Glencoe MN: When to Intervene and Mention Assisted Living to an Elderly Loved One

Helping an aging loved one comes with a mix of emotions including frustration, anger, worry, fear, and guilt. However, it is important for you to remain loving, reassuring, and positive if you want to help them through one of the most difficult times in their life. Their safety is the most important thing to consider […]