Preparing a Move to Assisted Living near Dassel MN: How to Downsize?

When it comes time for seniors to move into an assisted living facility, many are devastated at the thought of leaving their home. Even though the facility may be nice, it still means a significant loss of space. Preparing a move to assisted living involves the process of downsizing.

Assisted Living near Dassel MN: Decorate Mom’s New Home with Her Personal Mementos!

When your mom leaves the comfort and familiarity of the house she loves and has lived in for years, decorating her new home with a few personal mementos can help make the transition much easier. When seniors move to an assisted living facility, they don’t want to leave all of their happy memories behind. But, how do you decide what to take and how to fit these items into a smaller living space?

When Assisted Living in Dassel MN is the Only Option!

Mark wasn’t going to give up without a fight. His mother lived more than three hours away from him, and as an only child, with no other family; he was limited as far as the options for her care. She didn’t want to even consider assisted living because, as she so eloquently put it, “That’s where old people go to die.”