Services Available at Assisted Living Facilities near Cokato MN for Your Elderly Loved One

 When the time comes for your elderly loved one to move out of their home, and into an assisted living facility, there are many things to consider.  For the most part, your loved one is moving into one of these facilities because they need a little more assistance with their daily tasks in order to continue living a full and active lifestyle.  Before starting the moving process, it is important to make sure that you know all of the different kinds of services that are available at these facilities.  While some of them will be included in the base cost of the facility, others will be considered extras that your loved one may enjoy in order to make themselves feel more comfortable in their new homes. Assisted Living near Cokato MN

  • Housekeeping

The first service that may be offered at an assisted living facility are housekeeping services.  These can include a lot of different things including picking up around the room, making the bed, and even vacuuming.  Depending on the facility that is chosen, there may be a special staff that is in charge of performing these duties, while others may just have your loved ones primary caregiver be responsible for these duties.

  • Cooking

In the assisted living facility, a nutrition staff will be on hand to make most of the meals for the residents.  There is not enough room for each resident to take care of their own cooking, and many times your loved one may not be in a position to make their own meals anymore.  The nutrition staff will take care of all the cooking needs of the facility, and can even prepare special diet meals for those who need to stick to specific dietary rules for their health.  You can rest assure that your loved one will receive healthy meals every day at the facility that they choose.

  • Medication Management 

If your elderly loved one is having difficulties remembering to take their medication each day, the assisted living facility can offer services that can help with this.  They can have someone who comes each day to remind your loved one about the medication, or even have someone administer the drugs.  Many families choose this service, because their loved one must have the right medications at the right time, in order to maintain their health for the long term.

  • Transportation

Many assisted living facilities offer various transportation services for their residents.  Some will be flexible, and will have the resources to take your loved one to different events of their choosing.  It is important to realize that many facilities are limited, and will have a set time and day that they will make outings.  This means that your elderly loved one will not be able to go out any time that they want to, and that you will have to schedule their appointments around the available times.  Even with some restrictions, it is nice to have the peace of mind of knowing your loved one will get to their appointments on time, and safely.

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