Preparing a Move to Assisted Living near Dassel MN: How to Downsize?

When it comes time for seniors to move into an assisted living facility, many are devastated at the thought of leaving their home. Even though the facility may be nice, it still means a significant loss of space. Preparing a move to assisted living involves the process of downsizing.Assisted Living near Dassel MN

We all have times in our life when we choose to downsize for one reason or another but with the elderly, many times they are forced into parting with possessions that represent or symbolize years of their lives. It is a sad process, but there are ways that you can help your loved one get through downsizing.

As a caregiver, do your best to understand how hard the process of downsizing for your loved one is. Having to part with things that are of value to them or that they had for a long time makes them feel vulnerable.

Choose your words carefully when speaking to your loved one about downsizing. Many elders who grew up during the depression tend to save everything. The hard times that they had make it difficult for them to throw things away. Why they save some things may be a mystery to you but don’t say things like, “Why did you hang onto this anyway?”

Instead of just having two piles that signify things that are going to the assisted livingfacility and things to be discarded, have a third pile for items that they are having a hard time decided on. Once everything has been gone through and sorted, gently remind your loved one that space is limited. This may make the second time through a bit easier to decide. Be patient as the process could take more time than anticipated.

Your loved one may find it easier to let things go if they realize that they can donate items to charities, troubled children, or the homeless. This gives them a sense of doing something good for others making it less difficult to part with some of their belongings.

Pictures and books are items you should make room for. Ensure that there is a safe place and enough room for your loved one to keep photos and other memorabilia at the facility. If there isn’t enough space, store the items yourself.

Being understanding, and patient can make all the difference in how your loved one accepts and responds to moving to assisted living. Downsizing can be challenging, but staying positive will help your loved one get through the process.

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