Helping a Loved One Settle into Assisted Living near Silver Lake MN!

The thought of leaving the safety and comfort of their own home can be unsettling for many seniors. Moving to an assisted living facility can bring about a whole new set of fears for the elder. Unfortunately, some seniors reach a point when it is no longer safe or healthy for them to remain in their home. However, there are ways to help a loved one settle into assisted living.

How to Talk to Someone with Parkinson’s about Assisted Living near Norwood MN!

Do you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s? If so, you may be facing a number of options, including the potential to have them move into assisted living.

Assisted Living Facility for Parkinson’s Disease near Chaska MN!

Trying to find the right assisted living community for a person with Parkinson’s disease may seem like a challenge, but in reality there are plenty of great options. While it’s important to understand what Parkinson’s is in order to help provide the right support system for the patient, ultimately it’s not that different than any other type of care.

Assisted Living near Waconia MN: Senior Care-When It’s Right for Mom!

Mom was diagnosed with dementia a couple of years ago. She wasn’t diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, though, but we were told that she would begin to experience various levels of memory loss as she aged. At some point, we knew that it would be necessary to convince her to move into an assisted living facility.

How to Know when Assisted Living near Glencoe MN is Needed!

For some people, the thought of moving into an assisted living community is something that they just don’t want to think about. They want to hang on to their independence and they may have a preconceived notion that assisted living is equated with giving all of that up, being an invalid, or just waiting around for the end of their life.

Helping Your Loved One Understand that Assisted Living in Hutchinson MN is just a New Beginning!

Getting to the stage in life when a loved one has to leave the comfort of the home they have known most of their life can be stressful and feel like the end of the world to some seniors. There are ways to make the process easier for your loved one and help them cope with the move to assisted living.

Assisted Living near Winsted MN and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement and coordination. Parkinson’s disease gets worse over time and there is no cure. However, there are several medications that can treat and help manage some symptoms of the disease. If your loved one is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, an assisted living facility may be an option you wish to consider.

Should I Consider Assisted Living near Cokato MN for My Father with Parkinson’s?

My father has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and I am contemplating the benefits of an assisted living facility over leaving him at home alone. It won’t be easy for him to accept the news of moving into a facility at first but in the long run I believe it will be for the best. While he is in the early stages of the disease, his condition will progressively worsen.

Assisted Living near Dassel MN: Decorate Mom’s New Home with Her Personal Mementos!

When your mom leaves the comfort and familiarity of the house she loves and has lived in for years, decorating her new home with a few personal mementos can help make the transition much easier. When seniors move to an assisted living facility, they don’t want to leave all of their happy memories behind. But, how do you decide what to take and how to fit these items into a smaller living space?

Parkinson’s Disease and Assisted Living-Why Assisted Living near Silver Lake MN Makes Sense!

Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common nervous system diseases, which affect the elderly. This disorder of the brain results in difficulty in speaking, swallowing, movement, walking and coordination. A lack of dopamine in the brain is what causes the problem with the control of muscle movement. Parkinson’s can affect only one side of the body or it can affect both sides. The loss of function can differ from person to person. The symptoms start out as mild and then progressively worsen as the disease progresses.