Helping a Loved One Settle into Assisted Living near Silver Lake MN!

The thought of leaving the safety and comfort of their own home can be unsettling for many seniors.  Moving to an assisted living facility can bring about a whole new set of fears for the elder.  Unfortunately, some seniors reach a point when it is no longer safe or healthy for them to remain in their home.  However, there are ways to help a loved one settle into assisted living.Assisted Living near Silver Lake MN

Assisted living facilities vary in many ways.  Each one will provide a number of options and services to meet the needs of seniors.  Living arrangements could be a room, an apartment, or shared living quarters.  Find the living situation that would suit your loved one.

Go on a tour with your loved one to facilities you think will best support their needs. Meet with the staff and observe other residents.  Ask questions or address any concerns you may have.  Letting your loved one be a part of the decision process will go a long way to helping them feel some control over their life.

Consider activities or hobbies that your loved one enjoys.  Research the facilities to see if they offer similar types of activities.  Social interaction will play a big part in helping them to feel comfortable in their new surroundings.

Make assisted living feel as much like home as possible.  Bring as many familiar items as you can into their new living space.  Photos, décor, and even furniture can help to make a place resemble home.

Once a decision has been made, take the time to visit as often as you can, especially in the first few weeks, or months.  Know what the facility policies are on visiting and meal times.  Are you allowed to visit whenever you like, or are there restrictions?  Are you allowed to come and eat with your loved one?

When visiting, bring activities that you can do together.  This could include watching a movie, making a photo album, listening to music, etc.  Bring a favorite dish that they enjoy and have a meal or dessert together if the facility allows it.  Play a game or read a book together.

It is important for your loved one to know that just because they are now residing at an assisted living facility that your relationship has not changed.  It is important to let them know that you still care by doing things with them.

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