Family Caregivers and Others Who Care Deeply About Their Loved Ones

Book Cover ImageThere is a wonderful book available that was written by Ms. Susan Gangsei called “The Light in the Middle of the Tunnel”.  The book was written as a tribute to the many caregivers who shared their personal stories with Susan about caring for their family member or loved one who had the serious disease conditions from Parkinson’s.

Susan’s husband has Parkinson’s and her book begins with an introduction about Susan’s own challenging journey as the primary caregiver for her husband. She then continues on with heart breaking, yet candid stories, of many other caregivers who have dealt with a similar situation.

You can read more about Susan’s  eye-opening perspectives about life as a caregiver that are so elegantly depicted in her book by visiting Susan’s web site. Simply click on the image at the left of this new article to visit her web site. The book can also be purchased for a small price through a link to Amazon or Barnes & Noble on her web site.

The book is a MUST READ for anyone who has been in the situation as the primary caregiver of a loved one.

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