Closer to You or Closer to Their Friends: Assisted Living in Chaska MN : Considerations

One of the biggest questions that some families face when they are trying to determine the best-assisted living facility for an elderly loved one is location.  When it comes to assisted living, there are plenty of places to choose from across the country.  Almost in every county, and every community you’re going to find plenty of assisted living facilities.Assisted Living Chaska MN

While you may have talked about this option with your mother, it might take her some time to come around to agreeing that it would be best for her.  In truth, it’s difficult to move out of the home you’ve been in for many, many years, but at some point, it becomes necessary.  Once your mother has decided that she would be better off in an assisted living facility, you both need to figure out where it should be.

Perhaps she lives a few hours away from you, and you want her to move closer to you, so that you and the rest of your family can visit her more often.  She may want to remain local because she has a lot of friends in the area.  Maybe she has a few friends who are already residents at a particular personal care home in her town.

You may want her to move closer to you, and you might even put a lot of undue pressure on her to make that decision, but you need to step back and try to realize that it should be about what she wants.  Just because she’s older and can’t take care of herself the same way that she could in her younger years doesn’t mean that she’s done living her life.  She has spent many years within her community; she has friends who visit her and they do things together and she’s simply not ready to give that up at this time.

You’ve been living away from her for a long time as well and there’s no reason why you can’t continue to make the trips that you’ve been making to go visit her still.  When it comes to assisted living, it’s important that we consider what our elderly loved one wants, and not just what we want or what we think will be more convenient in the long run.  They’ve lived their life and deserve to continue to do so in the best way they see fit.  If that means they want to live close to where they are, then support them.  All other things will work out in time.

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