Bitter Cold and Assisted Living near Glencoe MN: Is Your Loved One’s Facility Prepared?

It’s been a long time since we have felt the extreme cold temperatures that moved through a vast portion of the country last week, and while we may not experience that Arctic polar vortex anytime soon, it highlighted an important consideration when it comes to elderly care and assisted living.  Is the assisted living facility that your loved one resides in prepared for a long duration of brutally cold temperatures?Assisted Living Glencoe MN

The well below freezing temperatures extended all the way down to Florida, so it’s an important thing to think about at this time.  When the temperature reach the teens that can have a serious impact on health and well being for any senior citizen.  So let’s talk about what an assisted living facility should do to ensure the safety of their residents.

First, they should have some form of backup generator.  The larger the facility, the larger the backup generator should be.  Many hospitals could run almost all of their electrical needs off of the generators that they have on site, and they could do this for days on end if needed.  A facility that hosts elderly individuals should have the ability to provide enough power at least to keep the heating system running.  If they don’t, then they should have some type of provisional system in place to ensure that your elderly loved one will remain warm.

Second, they should have an emergency protocol designed in the event that there is a weather emergency such as bitterly cold temperatures that knock out power for several days.  They should be willing to call the authorities for assistance.  This could mean evacuating the residents to a facility that has heat, food, and the necessary supplies until power is restored.

Third, they should be willing to contact family members, or an emergency contact person for their residents so that their loved ones know what it going on.  If they lose power, they may not be able to contact their loved ones and that can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress.

What this most recent Polar Vortex taught us was that when the temperatures become extreme, it can cause a wide range of problems, some of which we may not have a plan in place to deal with.  Check with your loved one’s assisted living administration to make sure that they have an emergency plan in place for such incidents.

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