Assisted Living in Glencoe MN: When to Intervene and Mention Assisted Living to an Elderly Loved One

Helping an aging loved one comes with a mix of emotions including frustration, anger, worry, fear, and guilt. However, it is important for you to PRAIRIE RIVER TO OPEN BIRCHWOOD HOUSE IN JAN 2013remain loving, reassuring, and positive if you want to help them through one of the most difficult times in their life. Their safety is the most important thing to consider even if they become at odds with you or express ill-feelings.

We will often notice changes in our loved ones, as they age, before they do. Plus for them, admitting that they need assistance brings about fear and apprehension for having to give up their independence. For many seniors, it takes an emergency or crisis before they agree to make a move and accept help.

Communicating and discussing possible options with your loved one before the time comes can help better prepare them and reduce those feelings of fear and apprehension. It may also help them feel more at ease knowing they had a say in decisions pertaining to their living arrangements. Visit some of the local retirement communities to get an idea if your loved one finds a particular facility more appealing than the others.

There are several warning signs that should alert you to the fact that your loved one may need to move to an assisted living facility:

  • Their personal hygiene is neglected. They don’t shower regularly or wash their hair.
  • Their clothes are dirty because laundry isn’t getting done.
  • Cleanliness of the home deteriorates. Things are cluttered and not put away in their proper place.
  • Eating habits suddenly change. If there is a sudden weight loss, this could be a result of them not eating as well as they used to.
  • Displays of inappropriate behavior or outbursts.
  • Memory loss or forgetfulness.
  • They are not taking their medications as directed.
  • They withdraw and stop participating in activities that they once enjoyed.
  • They are physically too weak to perform certain daily functions.

When approaching your loved one to address these concerns, it is better to ask them questions rather than to make statements based on your observation. By being patient and supportive, you can help them come to the conclusion that help is necessary.

Talk about the positives of moving to an assisted living facility. They can still maintain a level of independence but also get help with the tasks they are having trouble performing on their own.

Assisted living facilities offer a variety of living styles so there are several options to choose from and plenty of opportunities to find one that is suitable to the liking and needs of your loved one.

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