Assisted Living: How an Assisted Living Facility in Hutchinson MN Can Help Your Senior Stay Healthy!

As your elderly loved one starts to see their health declining, and they are not able to do the things that they were once able to, they may start to feel depressed.  With all of the things weighing them down, it can be difficult to convince them that they must stay active and healthy.  Assisted living can help your elderly loved one stay healthy for many years by helping them follow some of the simple health guidelines listed below. Assisted Living Hutchinson MN

  • Drink Lots of Water-Stay Hydrated!

The first thing that your elderly loved one will need to do is make sure to drink plenty of water.  The majority of the human body is made up of water, and without adequate amounts, the body will have trouble functioning the way that it should.  If you want your elderly loved one to maintain their good health, you must make sure that they are getting enough water each day.  Insufficient water can cause muscle fatigue, and even atrophy if it continues on for too long.

  • Good Hygiene-Year-Round

Everyone should take the time to practice good hygiene, and this is even more important for your elderly loved one during the cold winter months. You need to make sure that your loved one is properly washing their hands with soap and water throughout the day, along with helping them to remember to brush and floss their teeth.

  • Walking Indoors in Cold Winter Months

Sitting around all day is not a good way for your elderly loved one to get the physical activity that they need.  While it might seem easier for them to not move,  as they get older this will just lead to muscle deterioration and depression.  Your loved one should participate in some form of physical activity every day, and walking is an easy and simple way for them to do this.  Since walking is considered a weight bearing activity, it can help keep your elderly loved ones joints mobile and bones strong.

  • Get Check Ups!

Assisted living can help to make sure that your elderly loved one is making it to all of their scheduled doctor appointments.  This is ideal because visiting the doctor on a regular basis is one of the best ways to ensure that any health issues that arise are found right away and taken care of.

  • Get Rid of Bad Habits for Good!

If your elderly loved one is participating in bad habits, such as smoking and eating unhealthy foods all of the time, then now is the perfect time to get them to stop.  The assisted living facility that you choose may be able to help with these issues.  They can provide options for how to safely start smoking cessation for your loved one, and will provide the healthy meals that your loved one needs to maintain good health.

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